• Adam Smith Fellowship (research sequence), Mercatus Center, George Mason University 2018-19
  • Humane Studies Fellowship, Institute of Humane Studies 2018-19
  • Adam Smith Fellowship, Mercatus Center 2017-18


  • CGO Research Award, Utah State University (incl. RA support, honoraria, etc.) 2018
  • Professional Development Grant, GPSA, UNM (received three times) 2017, 2018 (2)
  • Hayek Fund for Scholars, IHS (received twice) 2018
  • Doctoral Conference Presentation Award, OGS-UNM 2018
  • Mercatus Travel Fund 2018
  • CKF Dissertation Research Grant and Travel Award 2018-19
  • Rogers Research/Project Award, OGS, UNM 2017-18
  • Student Research Grant, GPSA, UNM (received three times) 2017, 2018 (2)
  • Graduate Research Supplement Award, Office of Graduate Studies, UNM 2016-17
  • Economics Graduate Students Organization Award, UNM (received twice) 2016-17, 2018
  • German: Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) University Summer Course Grant 2011


  • Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Essay Award (SDAE) to be awarded at the Southern Economic Association Meeting in Washington DC, 2018
  • Alfred L. Parker PhD Endowed Scholarship in Economics, Department of Economics, UNM 2018-19
  • J. Raymond Stuart Award in Economics, Department of Economics, UNM 2017-18
  • Son of the Academy (Academic Award for “the highest level of scholarship, contribution to the intellectual life, and affirmation of the college’s distinctive purpose”), BAC 2013-14
  • Received an invitation to be considered for the valedictorian selection ballot, BAC 2014
  • The Nobre Scholarship in Mathematics and Computer Science, BAC 2013/14
  • Finalist, Cumberland Valley Math Modeling Challenge (CVMMC), Shippensburg University 2013
  • Service Trip Award, BAC 2012
  • Dean’s List (9 consecutive terms), BAC 2010-2013
  • Presidential Award for Excellence: full ride scholarship, BAC