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Below is a preview of my past and current research:

Peer-reviewed research articles:

“Perception of Climate Change and the Demand for Weather-Index Microinsurance: Evidence from a Contingent Valuation Survey in Nepal” (with Wenmei Guo and Alok K. Bohara), Climate and Development, forthcoming.

“Governing nested externalities during a pandemic: Social distancing as a co-production problem” (with Shikhar Shrestha and Pablo Paniagua), Cosmos+Taxis, forthcoming.

“Social Capital, Trust, and Collective Action in Post-earthquake Nepal” (with Alok K. Bohara), Natural Hazards, 2021.

“The impact of climate change on rice production in Nepal” (with Wenmei Guo and Alok K. Bohara), Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, 2020.

“Social entrepreneurship, co-production, and post-disaster recovery” (with Virgil H. Storr and Alok K. Bohara), Disasters, forthcoming.

“The Ostroms and the contestable nature of goods: Beyond taxonomies and towards institutional polycentricity” (with Pablo Paniagua), Journal of Institutional Economics, 2021.

“Ex-post Coping responses and Post-disaster Resilience: A case from the 2015 Nepal earthquake” (with Alok K. Bohara and Virgil H. Storr), Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, 2020.

“Do voluntary associations reduce hunger? An empirical exploration of the social capital- food security nexus among food impoverished households in western Nepal” (with Alok K. Bohara),Food Security, 2019.

“An Iron Triangle ROI Model for Healthcare” (with D. van der Goes, N. Edwardson, C. Hollis, & D. Hunter), ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research, 2019.

“Natural disaster damages and their link to coping strategy choices: Field survey findings from post- earthquake Nepal” (with Alok K. Bohara), Journal of International Development, 2019.

“Economic trade-offs between hydroelectricity production and environmental externalities: A case for local externality mitigation fund” (with Aakrit Joshi), Renewable Energy, 2018.

Contributions to Edited Volumes:

“On the Dynamic Nature of Goods: Applications in Post-Disaster Contexts” in Exploring the Political Economy and Social Philosophy of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom, 2020.